Machine Learning Consulting

Bring machine learning analysis to your business.
Without the meaningless buzzwords.

Leverage Your Data

Our goal is to explore the possibilities of your data, build solutions, and guide you with the next steps.
We know machine learning can seem complicated.
That's why we take the time to explain and demonstrate all the relevant machine learning techniques.

Collect Data

Not all data is the same. We'll help you mine, collect, and organize data in the fastest and most efficient formats.

Transform Data

A lot of existing data is redundant and unuseful. We'll work to process and derive truly meaningful data.

Analyze Data

We're experienced with complex data. We'll help you find the patterns to predict the future or user behaviours.

Funnel Optimization

A common usage of machine learning. We'll use machine learning to predict and optimize for user behaviours.

Data-Driven Decisions

Feel confident and make the right decisions. We'll create systems to interpret current and future data.

Build Features

We'll work with you to build your data into useful presentations and information for your clients.

Industry Proven Experts

Berkeley Facebook

Deep experience with big data, including previous work at Berkeley Systems and Facebook Artificial Intelligence.
We're experts in building machine learning systems at scale, having worked with every size and shape of data.
We'll work with you to set up your data systems now, and build the framework for even better projects in the future.

Contact Us

We are now accepting new clients.
Please feel free to ask us about data and machine learning - we love talking about it!